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Posted by nishu123 on August 27, 2012 at 6:40 AM

"How Do You Sleep?"


Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh

Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh



It's been about a year now

Ain't seen or heard from you

I've been missing you crazy

How do you how do you sleep

I found the letter you wrote me

It still smells just like you

Damn those sweet memories

How do you how do you sleep?

How do you sleep?


Tried my best at movin' on

Have yet to find a girl like you

See things now I didn't before

Now wishin' I had more time with you


How do you stay awake

Knowin' all I do is think of you

All the things we thought about

Then, never will happen again

If I could just see you



If I had my way i'd come and get you girl

In your favourite car with the missing top

Around my way where we used to park

And did all those things to steal your heart


[Chorus x2]


Baby all that I hear from my friends

Again again and again come and ask 'bout you

They say, "We saw your girl at the game

And damn we gotta say a big mistake by you"


Not only does your body bang

But I miss the conversation too

Tell me that you're gettin' more sleep

Can't think can't eat till I come see you






Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh

Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh


Chorus x2


Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh


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